Who is sportswager and the sportsbook/bookmarker?

Who is sportswager and the sportsbook/bookmarker

Sportswager in a rayman’s language is a football gambler and on the other hand sportsbook/Bookmarker simply means a betting company that allows a sportswager to place their bets through the internet. Which means the two must come into agreement before you place a bet. Every sportsbook has its betting terms and conditions which are accepted by a gambler before you submit your bet. Mostly they agree on bookmaking and the odds.

What is bookmaking?

What is the meaning of odds?

The two above are discussed here.

I know now you are with me after getting the meaning of bookmaking and odds. The sportsbook company when placing the odds they have two categories of the aftermaths of the bet. Either a win or lose. When gambler win that is a cry for a sportsbook and on the hand if a gambler wins that means a profit for a bookmaker. And it is vice vasa for a footballwager. The odds are being set by a bookmarker in bookmaking, which means the odds are set in favour for the betting company/. We must be clear on this so that it will be easy for our members to understand it better when placing their bets. I have seen sportwagers losing their hard worked money to betting companies. Most of the gamblers have closed their business due to betting. I heard recently from other African countries that betting has ended taking lives of young people due to betting. If you don’t know how to bet, better stop. Betting if not played well it has advance effects to your life. Remember nowardays money is not everything, but money is the only thing.

We are genuine tipssters who advice you on what to do when it comes to betting. We came up with this site after we lost our money to betting companies. You will see betting comapnies on television beutifully advertising on how to make money with them, but I tell this is ironical to you. They know you woun’t make it. They are very much aware that if 100 gamblers place their bets from different persipectives then only 10 can manage to make a win.

To win in football betting then it means you have to do a lot of work in analysing the matches and observing how the betting odds keeps on moving. The bettings odds keeps on changing, either rising or decreasing and sometimes they keep stagnant.

To win a bet you must consider single bets rather than multbets. Sportsbooks hates single bets. They like multbets. I have discussed in depth on multbets and single bets here

Consider the following before you decide on which team to win on your bet

– Injuries


-Red cards from previous matches if any

-Yellow cards from the previous match

-Last five matches played by the game and many more criterias

We have done all the above here and we point out only one game for you to win

Thank you talk later


Your tipster man

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