Ways of winning a football bet

Before I start on this topic for today I will like you to stop whatever you are doing, grab a cup of coffee and relax. But if you don’t have time of now, just close this window and come back later. I don’t want you to miss anything here. I need your concentration.

Football betting is good like any other business. Football betting has a profit, but the profit of football betting is quite unique from other business.

Football has a double profit if played well

How is football Unique from other business

Football betting is quite unique in the following ways

a) It has instant profit

b) The profit is double on what you stake

c) You play using your phone or computer

d) Can be done from anywhere

e) Doesn’t consume a lot of time

f) Simple and easy to start

g) Initial capital required is small

h) Any one can do football betting

Disadvantages of football betting
a) Not always you can win a bet

b) If not played well you might end up losing all your money

c) Needs some analysis ( We assist you on this)

Now after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of betting let us see how you can win on your bets. Winning a bet can happen in a daily basis, someone is worried how is this done.

In a couple of days I am going to show you how to make your bets win daily and you will realize the profits daily running in your account day in, day out. I have experts in place to coach you how to do this.

Before I show you a winning technique, let us understand the two types of bets we use on our sytem.

a) Multbets

b) Single bets

Multbets is a combination of two or more games in your bet

Single bet is one game in your bet or bets

Advantages of a multbet

If you win, you win good money, but so risk

Disadvantages of a multbet

a) A multbet has high chances of losing

b) Consumes a lot time in selecting games

Advantages of a Single bet

a) It has a high chance of winning ( We recommend this)

b) Doesn’t consume a lot of time

c) Easy to use

Having see the two types of bets we shall consider single bets on this lesson ( Ways of winning a bet). Therefore to win a bet you must consider single bets.

Now what is important is to set your budget

I am going to use my own currency to explain on single bets and how to make a profits of your stakes.

Before we go further I will like to ask you to forget about the negative attitude you might be having towards football betting. You might have lost many your times and got discouraged but forget that and let us go a head.

I will be using my currency (kshs) most of the times whenI am explain football betting and how to make profits on it.

Upon setting your budget let go on.

My budget for today is Kshs. 5,000/=

We have 2.00 odds in place daily to use on our site here ( But the single bets are for premium members here only, sorry for that. But you can also register for premium package)

Alright our budget being the kshs. 5,000/= observe how to use it now.

On your first day stake 2,500/= on a single bet with 2.00 odds which gives you 5,000/=. Remember on our budget we had 5,000/= and we have used 2,500/= which means we have a balance of 2,500/= on our budget. We didn’t use the whole amount on our first day to stake our single bet, reasons being you might lose on this first day and get discouraged. On this day if we win our bet then you make a profit of 2,500/= and on the other hand if we lose we make a lose of 2,500/=.

On our second day

Let us assume we lost on our first day which means we made a loss of 2,500/= on our bet. But remember we have a backup of 2,500/=. On our second day bet the single bet again using the whole amount of 2,500=. our return will be 5,000/=. And on this second day you MUST win. ( I am assuming you are using our premium package).

NB// We lose once in a week

On the third day place a stake of 2,500= you gain 5,000/=

Fourth day stake 2,500/= you gain 5,000/=

Fifth day stake 2,500/= you gain 5,000/=

sixth day stake 2,500/= you gain 5,000/=

seventh day stake 2,500 you gain 5,000/=

2,500=x7=17,500/= less two days of losing your bet

= 12,500/=

That is all I can say for today.

Betting can have advance negative to your life, bet respnsibly

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