Sportpesa midweek jackpot results on 20/03/2019

The midweek jackpot was not won.

Normally the midweek jackpot has 13 matches for prediction to win the millions in prizes.

Last week’s midweek jackpot had the prize of 15 million kenya shillings

We predicted, but we didn’t win

The midweek jackpot also has the bonus for well predicted 10, 11,12 matches. We didn’t also even make for the bonus.

We managed to get 7 correctly predicted matches.

[table id=3 /]

The jackpot midweek for this week is also out from sportpesa.

We have done our best to predict the midweek jackpot on 29/03/2019

Can we manage to win it this week? Let us try now

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