Sportpesa Mega jackpot

Sportpesa mega jackpot

Sportpesa mega jackpot is a betting game in Kenya provided by a sportsbook knowns us ‘sportpesa’

Sportpesa mega jackpot is famous in Kenya and is being played by millions of kenyas every weekend.

Sportpesa mega jackpot is played on the weekends only.

The stake for placing the mega jackpot is low as Kshs. 100

The mega jackpot has 17 matches predicted by the bettors to win the millions of money.

Sportpesa mega jackpot has the prize that starts from 100 million kenya shillings. The amount keeps on increasing if not won in the particular weekends. So far the mega jackpot has only been won 3 times since it was introduced in the year 2016. Initially we had sportpesa jackpot. The jackpot was then divided into two i.e sportpesa midweek with 13 matches which is played in the midst of the week. Sportpesa midweek jackpot comes with the prize of 10 million kenya shillings which keeps on increasing every week if not won.

How to win the mega jackpot

Before we find out how to win the mega jackpot let us ask our self simple questions:

a) If I don’t win the mega jackpot is their any prize

b) If we have the prize how much?

c) What is the importance of participating in the mega jackpot

If I don’t win the mega jackpot is their any prize?

Yes if it happens that you don’t win the 17 matches you get a bonus for winning 12 matches, 13 matches, 14 matches, 15 matches and 16 matches

How much does each bonus have?

The bonus depends on the number of winners for each bonus. You might expect to win millions for getting 14 matches but eventally you get thousands and the other way round you may get 13 matches and win millions of money.

Now let us go on with our business and before I go far i wish to stress that we are not partiners for sportpesa and moreover we don’t promote their products here, only that we came to find out that they have good stuffs that we might assist our members to predict and one day you might be a millionare for being our part.

Sportpesa mega jackpot as we said early has 17 matches that you need to predict and win all of them to win 100 million or more.

How to win the mega jackpot.

Before you place the jackpot you need to analyse each game. The matches provided for prediction are so trick and sportpesa also wish you to lose so that they can make a profit. Remember sportpesa like any other betting companny all its profits are raised from the losers. And if every body was winning then no business to conduct here. Be a part of winning team.

Every game is analysed considering the following

Last five matches:

– Comparison of the last matches assists to predict the next outcome of the game

Position in the league

– This will predict whether the game is strong than the other. on the same manner if a strong team in the league is playing with a weak team in the league then you must be careful with that match. We shall explain this more by giving examples on our next blog.

Red cards from previous match

– If a team is given a red card from the most recent match let us say the last game in particular, then in most cases for the immidiate match, most probably the team lose the match to the opponent.   Also yellow cards if many might weaken the team for the immidiate next match.


Considering players is so important. It is known as line up. A line up can predict if the team is going to lose or win. We have determined players for a particular team. You must be aware for all players for each team given in a mega jackpot. I might not be able to get all the players for each team in the whole world but I will try to post and update each player for every team. But you might also do your own research online.

League being played for that season

Some teams might ignore and keep their players to play a next match if that match is not important for them . For example most teams don’t take serious for friendly matches. So be careful please.

If you take in consideration for the above then winning the mega jackpot is so easy.

I know the above exercise is not hard for, but no time for you to do all these things. We have done all the dirty work for you, and is for free.


In conclusion I don’t have anything to add only to ask you to get our predictions for the mega jackpot for free here

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