New Rules on betting in Kenya

New rules on betting in Kenya

From time to betting in Kenya has become an economic activity. Most youths are serious gamblers, but thank to God we have international break until August and that is the reason most youths in kenya have relaxed from betting. But as we come from international break then it will be normal for the youths to continue betting.
As from May 30 this year 2019 the ministry for licensing board on gambling controlled by the Interior minister, Fred Matiangi have set tough new rules to govern the betting companies in Kenya.
They started on advertising, stressing that after every advert on gambling the advertiser should give a strict warning and this warning should have the same font, color and size. Take an example of cigarette and alcohol which gives a warning after advertisement that excessive consumption of alcoho is harmful your health. Even cigarette they will caution you that, cigarette is harmful to your health which means that cigarette will affect your health and the choice remains on the consumer of the cigarette.
Also the licensing board adjusted the tax on gambling. They will now tax 10% on the amount placed to for a bet. For example if you want to place 1000 shillings on a bet they you need to add 100/= extra on top of the 1000/=, which means if you decide to place the 1000/=, then you will get 900/= on your account. To remind you, you need to add 10% on every amount you wish to send to you account.
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