How betting changed my life

Betting is good, but again Betting is bad.

Betting especially in football is not a good business. If you think you will be rich in betting football then you are in safe hands. I will teach you how to start earning from betting especially in football. But mark my words betting is a dirty business that needs patience and time until you discover the right ways and better steps you will take from now and hence to be a happy winner for ever and ever. Don’t let even a coin of yours be taken by the so called betting companies if you do, then poverty is on your way.

Start learning now

My training will be so long in reading,but since you want to start earning a living from betting I know you will take your time and read the whole article. After you finish reading the article you will not be the same, I assure you that. In most cases you have got people having sites blogging online that they have sure bets, fixed matches and so on. I have tried every site that I came across and I have taken my time to study one by one, but none is giving a clear information on how to bet and win.
Their work is to ask you your money even before giving their tip out since they are sure they are conning you. We have bogous sites that claim they are analyzing matches and giving sure tips, but they lose almost daily and even they can’t make a profit for you.

You might think I am lying but I know you will agree with me when I am going to ask you how much money you lost paying them. You find them in social media like facebook, twitter and more. They post achieves on how they make wins daily. I like one thing if it was possible they give us their login credentials to see by our selves, not posting edited winning images. I know they edit, when you join they will tell you that stake all what you have it is 100% safe and by the end of the bet you lose. Was this 100% sure. Does they really what is the meaning of 100% sure. You know 100% no lose when you lose they will say the match was bought by the betting companies. I say this is not true. Imagine a game going on and the players, managers, referees and the club owners that they are paid in between the match to lose. That is a big lie, I tell you. No day the match will be paid for to lose. That is stupidity of the highest order. Now after losing they tell you next match is free for you, they call it compensation match and again you lose a compensation match, guess what will happen for you they block you from reaching them. Sorry if you have ever met such con people.

What should be done now

Use your own analysis. We have millions of sites online that are free to use to analyse the match for yourself and win. When betting please makesure you are sobber, relax. Take one game from the millions of matches playing in a particular day, go to online google do your research about that particular game. Empasise on last five matches, players on that day, injuries from the last match and finally if we have a red card from the previous match.

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