Fixed matches.

Fixed matches terms and conditions.

What is a fixed match?

A fixed match is a game fixed and dictated to go the way the tycoons wants to make high money on their stakes.

As God is always faithful we have one of the tycoons who is much reliable to give us such bets and such matches they either comes once or twice a week.

And is A must win. They have high odds in favour of making good money.

How much can I make from a fixed match?

That is an obvious question. Betting depends on your stakes. Stake means how much you are using to place you fixed match. On much to make depends on your capability. In other terms how much you are able to place on a fixed much

Is it a guarantee to win?

Yes. for the mean time since i started dealing with this tycoon, we have not lost at any given time. But if we lose then I have to change this terms of a fixed match to another name. But for the mean time since we pay them a lot of money to fix the matches we guarantee win.

At what day/time/week do you post a fixed match?

Read the following statements carefully:

– Fixed matches, are games fixed, and from our side we can’t promise the exact time/day a fixed match is posted on our site, that is why we recommend you to join our telegram group here and if you don’t have telegram then join our Whatsapp channel busines here. If you don’t have both then i fear you can’t get our fixed match.

– When you join us for this game of fixed matches we have our secret that goes like this: You MUST give us access to your betting credentials. Meaning you have to give us your user name and password so that we place a bet from our side on behalf of you. Don’t make a mistake to change the password until the the match ends. On that issue I wish to stress that after you have given us your password, again we have to change the passoword until the game ends. We are doing all this because we don’t want any of you to start selling our fixed matches. You just deposit on how much you wish to stake and advice us how much you wish to stake on that day and we do it on your behalf. Remember we have other intersted parties who might end up doing it a chain and others might end up selling our fixed matches and finally they will start scamming other people. Sorry for that strict condition, but bear with us.

– We don’t ask for payments until you win.

– For how much a fixed match may cost, it depends on the odds and how much you stake. Since we have access to your account we can tell how much your stake was and how much you should pay after win. This exercise depends on mutual trust between you and us. All your money is yours, it depends on you.

– Our fixed match has never lost, if at any time we incur on such a loss, then we have to change our terms and conditions on the same


In conclusion don’t stake a lot of money that may end up costing your life.

We need you tomorrow.

This is gambling my friend, you are not a tycoon if so, you could have not been here.

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