Betting tips/Betting techniques sportpesa hates

Betting tips/Betting techniques sportpesa hates

Sportpesa is a betting company ligally registered in Kenya which accepts stakes from gamblers. Betting is done over the internet. Stakes is the amount of money being placed by a gambler either to win or lose. Therefore when betting we have two outcomes either losing or winning. Today I am going to show you how to win and not how to lose. Besides sportpesa we have other betting companies all over the world. Sportpesa is growing mostly in African countries like; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana,Nigerian and many countries that I may not able to mention here.

Other betting companies

-Betin- Which covers  a lot of countries in the world

-Bet365-Old betting company based in England. With bet365 you can bet from any part of the world

-BetNinja-Based in Nigerian

-Betika-Based in Kenya

-1Xbet- Recently came to Kenya

We have a lot of betting companies but above I have mentioned a few to get what I mean, if you are new to betting. I remember from last blog I showed you what is betting. And I have covered very well who is a gambler and how to use the odds when betting. Today I am going to show you how to win daily, but if you lose once don’t hate me, life sometimes needs a challenge to grow well financially.

How I make dollars from betting

Before we go dip on this issue I will like to clarify the two betting types that exists, I will discuss the importance of each type of the bets and also the disadvantage of each.

Types of bets

Single bets


What is a single bet

A single bet-Consits of only one game in a bet. The importance of single bets if well analysed by experts, the winning chances are than losing. I may say that single bets have 99% winning chances and losing chance is only 1%. But I wish to say that you need expert to analyse such matches before placing it since they have a disadvantage of staking a lot of money for you to make a profit. Single bets have less odds compared to multbets as we are going to see later.

By the way What is a bet?

A bet is a risk of a sum of money or valued item against someone else’s  on the basis of the outcome of unpredictable event such race or a game ( We are interested on a game bet)

What is a multbet?

A mult bet is a betting technique where a gambler places more than one game in a bet. Multbets have only one advantage. If it happens that you make a win, then you win good money. To win a multbet is not easy. Winning chances are unpredictable. You may bet for whole month without making a win. Betting companies likes multbets. When they see many multbets they are sure of profits. I discourage my members using multbets to enrich them. Wealthy doesn’t come over night.

Using of single bets

I have been using single bets to make profits daily in betting. From my experience I know the bad day when you must lose your money. And on that bad day we don’t bet. I am not the only one in this field of analysing the single bets, no. Besides most of the times you will get me being active busy updating the website, we are are a group of 10 annalists assisting our fellow members for free to win from their stakes. In day for example if you open sportpesa website and search a number of matches being posted you will find that we have thousands of matches in a day. Therefore to choose only one match from those thousands of matches needs time and expertise. Choosing a winning match daily is not easy. You may think we do it randomly, but not. We must analyses the match basing on the following criteria:

-Last performance of the game.



-Yellow cards from last match

-Red cards from the last match, if any

Let me ask you one one question before I say bye to you. If we do all the dirty work for you, just visiting our free tips winning tips is it such hard for you?

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  1. I was never big on betting myself, but that was probably because I grew up rather risk-averse. Over the years, I’ve learned that risk is a necessary part of life and it can often be a great tool. If you have enough information about what you’re betting on, at least you can minimize your losses down to the point where they’re limited to that which is unknowable. That beats going in blindly, for sure. I might look into this further. It’s quite intriguing!

  2. Hello, there is some fascinating information here in your blog about betting and which companies to use.

    I have learnt quite a lot by reading this. For anyone who is new to betting it is good to find a website that wants to help and advise on betting options. I never knew there were different aspects of a football game that you can bet on like, injuries or penalties. I always thought that it was just whether a team wins or loses.

    Great article.

  3. Another great post that I will have to share with my father in law. I am not in betting, truthfully I am not very much in sports, but he is a fanatci and loves to know and find out what is the best technique went it comes to betting. I will make sure to share your artcile with him, and who knows if he wins something he might actually like me even more!!!

  4. Very interesting. I dis not realize that Bats were strategically a randomized. I did not know anything about bedding before and now I have a good understanding of not only how out of it but how to win the bet lol. I very much enjoyed your website. I also scroll down to your about me page and it was very interesting I love the way you put your personal story into this it was nice to feel acquainted. In addition I love the other websites that you added down in your about me section very smooth and set a very nicely I was very impressed. Thank you for all the information I will take this with me if I ever go gambling and I hope to win by following year plan. Kind regards

  5. I have often thought about sports betting.  But I am in the USA.  Do you know if these same  sites you listed also are open to anyone, or are they just for Africa?  If not available to me, do you know of any good ones in the US?  Also, from what I read a multbet is probably a lot harder to win, so would be safe to use the single bets to win right?

  6. SInce I’m usually a risk avoider, betting and stock trading are field that I usually don’t touch. However, lately I have heard many success stories in betting and trading online. Thanks for explaining the basic of betting. Is bet usually done on football and horse racing, or there are other objects to bet? Also, do you know why betting may be preferred over stock trading?

  7. So betting is getting popular in Africa, it seems. I know that in Europe where I live (Germany) they also are heavy into betting on the matches and the teams. I have not tried it much, never more than a friendly bet among friends. I guess that I do not have that killer instinct and likely I would lose.

    You have provided some good tips with this post and I enjoyed reading through all the information. It sounds like there is a pretty large set of people that are betting, and that makes it fun and a little scary. Big sums of money changing hands likely. I wish you well with that. 

    How much money are you using for betting per day? Do you have to pay taxes on your winnings? In Germany, they want taxes, and only if you can show losses can you not pay them. It kinda takes the fun out of it. This is why we stick with bets between ourselves (also small money).  

  8. Hello. I’m not into betting, but where i live quite a lot people bet. From what i’ve seen, they are multibetting on football. So far i haven’t seen anyone win any big amount of money. Maybe because as you mentioned, multibetting is unpredictable.

    Well your site is already useful and in the future i hope you provide more in depth information about how to really make money on betting. Good job. Take care.

  9. Great post, and you mentioned things I didn’t knew before. Now, I use the platform Unibet to perform bets, but mostly it is for football, I’m not so good in other sports. Now, my ratio to win is 1 to 5, is it bad or quite good? Like I’ve said, I’m not a pro in it. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading it, so thanks a lot for that! 

  10. Interesting, I have never thought of it that way that betting matches could require this much energy and thinking and very careful decision making. Though, with your post, you kind of make it interesting because I have always look at all sort of betting, even though they are all gambling as a way of loosing money and time.

    Question? Do you think gambling can be considered as a source of income monthly or it is just a game of chance?

  11. Hello,

    This post was really helpful for those who do not know how to bet and which company is to bet. I am a noob at betting but many of my friends knows how to dealt with it. They always have been inviting me to bet with them but I never accepted their friendly invitation just because of my lack of betting knowledge. So, you know how much helpful was your post for me because now I can deal with them.

    I am going to share this post with my other friends who are suffering like I was before reading your post.

    Thank you so much for such an informative post.

  12. Hi Staq,

    I have used tipping sites many times over the years, and I’ve had little success. Once the bookies get wind of you using an established tipping source, the odds magically drop! I’m sure there was inside conspiracy! Recently, I’ve started using fixed odds arbitrage, where I’m laying off one bookie with another. Is this available in the USA? 

    Great all round article. I look forward to more of the same in the future.

    All the best,

  13. Dear Staq Bet,

    Being a beginner to this betting world I found your post highly uplifting and educational. I got helpful insights from your post.

    When I first got into this betting world my mentor advised me, afford the money you are ready to lose so loses don’t affect me a lot. And I am aware that we can’t win every time and its all about winning more times compared to the loses.

    Indeed, Single bets is the best to go with and thanks a lot for the advice and explaining both the types of bets. Being a football player and fan I am interested in football betting. Staqbet winning tip is super helpful and sure tip at free of charge is a greater help to the newbies like me. Keep up the great work.

    May I ask…

    How much is the minimum betting amount with Sportpesa?

    Much Success!


  14. I do envy those that are able to continuously make profits from betting. I guess I am not one of them because I have lost so much due to the bets I place. I usually like to go for multiple matches all with small odds so the chances of winning can be high but I have come to realize that it is not usually the case and those small odds end up costing me a lot of money.

    I analyze but am not very good at it. I don’t visit websites like this that normally provide tips because I don’t always trust them to give me good tips but I have to start trusting again and try one or two tips from this site to see if I would be lucky.

    I know nobody is perfect so I would not be expecting too much.

  15. Hey Staq,

    This is an informative and educative article I must say. I have learnt a lot of things from your article. Betting is always fascinating to me. The risk of losing and the high will of winning make it so interesting. I did not know about sportpesa before but after reading your article I think it is one of the best platform for betting. So I will try it on future.

    Thanks for writing this helpful article.

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